Debunked! Stephen Curry Shoe Size Myth & Finding Your Perfect Curry Fit

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Is Stephen Curry’s shoe size the colossal 14 that many believe? The straightforward answer is no Stephen Curry’s actual shoe size is 13.5 US. In this article, we delve into the myth surrounding Curry’s shoe size and how it became a widely held belief.

We’ll explore the significance of finding the right fit for athletic shoes like Curry’s and how it affects performance on the court. Join us as we uncover the truth and provide you with expert tips to find your perfect pair of Under Armour Curry shoes or another one, ensuring you’re equipped for peak performance and comfort.

Key Takeaways:

The actual shoe size of Stephen Curry remained a mystery to many until now Stephen Curry’s true shoe size is 13.5, a fact that he has confirmed by himself.

The Big Misconception: Steph Curry Shoe Size Myth:

The Big Misconception Steph Curry Shoe Size Myth

The belief that Steph Curry’s sports shoe size 14 is a classic case of myth-making. Originating from his days wearing his father’s larger shoes, this narrative has grown despite lacking factual footing. In reality, Steph Curry’s footwear size is a more modest 13.5, underscoring the importance of verifying facts over succumbing to tall tales in the sports world.

Steph Curry’s Actual Shoe Size


Amidst the swirl of rumours and gossip, the actual shoe size of Stephen Curry remained a mystery to many until now Curry’s true shoe size is 13.5, a fact that he has confirmed by himself.

RegionSteph Curry’s Shoe Size (US)

Why Proper Shoe Fit Matters for Athletes:

Why Proper Shoe Fit Matters for Athletes

Steph Curry’s commitment to excellence is evident not only in his gameplay but also in his attention to the gear he uses. He understands that a proper shoe fit is more than just comfort; it’s about maximizing performance on the court.

Curry has been known to say, “Success is not an accident, success is a choice,” and part of that choice for any basketball athlete is selecting the right footwear. For Curry, the right fit means stability, support, and comfort.

A well-fitting shoe provides:

1. Stability and Support

Reduces the risk of ankle rolls and other injuries.

2. Enhanced Performance

Allows for better agility, power transfer, and responsiveness.

3. Comfort

Prevents blisters, cramping, and fatigue during intense games.

Finding the Perfect Fit Ultimate Guide to Under Armour Curry Shoes:

Finding the Perfect Fit Ultimate Guide to Under Armour Curry Shoes

When it comes to finding the perfect fit, Steph Curry’s partnership with Under Armour has led to the creation of shoes that cater to athletes’ needs for both performance and comfort.

Curry’s own experience with shoe sizing has influenced the design and development of his signature line. He prioritizes the importance of a fitted shoe, saying, “Everything I put my name on has to be good it has to help you play and it has to support our mission to change the game for good”.

The Under Armour Curry shoes are designed with this philosophy in mind, ensuring that each pair provides the support, cushioning, and traction necessary for players to excel on the court. Curry’s dedication to the game is reflected in the meticulous design of his shoes, aiming to help athletes find their perfect fit and, in turn, elevate their game.

My Personal Opinion:

As a connoisseur of the court, I see Steph Curry’s precise choice of shoe size as a metaphor for his gameplay intentional, exact, and impactful. Opting for a size 13.5, Curry demonstrates an acute awareness that every detail counts, mirroring his sharpshooting precision. It’s this meticulous approach that sets him apart, proving that even the smallest aspects can have a profound effect on a player’s performance and legacy.


The myth of Steph Curry’s shoe size has been debunked, but the lessons it teaches us remain. The right shoe fit is crucial, not just for NBA stars but for anyone who steps onto the court. With the insights and tips provided in this article, you’re now equipped to find your perfect Under Armour Curry shoe. Embrace the knowledge, apply the guidance, and elevate your game to new heights.

Do Currys run big or small?

The Curry 8 fits Move Game Day and Game Day Pro insoles true to size. However, it’s recommended to go up half a size, especially for those with wider feet.

Does Curry fit true to size?

Yes, Under Armour Curry shoes generally fit true to size. However, it’s recommended to refer to the specific sizing chart provided by Under Armour for the most accurate fit.

Why is Curry’s number 30?

Stephen Curry wears jersey number 30 as a tribute to his father, Dell Curry, who donned the number during his high school, college, and NBA career.

Did Curry gain muscle?

Curry has devoted himself to making Father Time as ineffective as possible at slowing him down. He has gained about 15 pounds of muscle since 2016 to be able to withstand bumps from defenders, compensating for any microscopic losses in speed.

Why is Steph Curry special?

Steph Curry’s shooting ability has dominated the NBA throughout his career. The veteran guard is widely regarded as the greatest shooter in league history. According to former Golden State Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala, Curry’s elite shooting ability can be put down to one specific thing: hand-eye coordination.

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