Top 10 NBA Players with the Smallest Shoe Sizes | Standing Tall on Small Feet

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In the high-flying world of the NBA, agility, and footwork are paramount, yet some of the NBA’s most impactful players boast footwear sizes that defy the norm. The smallest shoe size in the NBA belongs to Muggsy Bogues, who wore a US size 8.5. This article will highlight the top 10 NBA players with minimal shoe sizes, demonstrating that size does not limit greatness.

Here is The List of top 10 NBA Stars with the Tiniest Feet

1. Muggsy Bogues

Muggsy Bogues image beside with written his shoes size, height and nick name

Earning the iconic nickname “Mighty Mouse,” Muggsy Bogues With a minimalist  U.S. shoe size 8.5 stood at a mere 5’3″, making him the shortest player in NBA history. Yet, his stature never overshadowed his talent. Bogues was a tenacious defender who could weave through opponents with dazzling footwork. His highlight-reel plays and All-Star Weekend appearances are a testament to his incredible skills, proving that size is truly just a number.

Muggsy Bogues International Shoe Sizing Chart:

CountryShoe Size
United States (US)8.5
Europe (EU)42
United Kingdom (UK)6.5
Japan (JP)26.5
China (CN)40.5
Australia (AU)7

2. Earl Boykins

Earl Boykins basketball player with smallest shoes size

Another pint-sized powerhouse, Earl Boykins, nicknamed “The Pocket Rocket, with a Diminutive shoe size of 9.5 stood at 5’5” and was one of the shortest players ever. Don’t let his height fool you Boykins was a sharpshooter, known for his incredible shooting range that defied expectations. He even secured an NBA championship ring with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008.

Earl BoykinsI International Footwear Size Chart:

CountryShoe Size
United States (US)9.5
Europe (EU)42.5
United Kingdom (UK)9
Japan (JP)4.75
China (CN)44
Australia (AU)9.5

3. Isaiah Thomas

saiah Thomas best basketball player with tinyest shoes size

There’s some debate surrounding Isaiah Thomas’ shoe size. During research, I saw some sources, like auction listings of his game-worn shoes, suggest a US size 13.5, while others, like the NBA Shoes Database, list him at a US size 12. Regardless, standing at 5’9″ with a relatively small shoe size, Thomas, better known as “ZEKE,” was a fearless scorer. He led the Detroit Pistons to back-to-back NBA championships in 1989 and 1990. Earning two NBA All-Star selections, Thomas possessed a killer crossover and lightning-quick first step, all thanks in part to his surprisingly small feet for his stature.

Isaiah Thomas International Footwear Size Chart:

CountryShoe Size
United States (US)12
Europe (EU)46
United Kingdom (UK)11
Japan (JP)28
China (CN)47
Australia (AU)12

4. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is one of the best basketball player in NBA

Defying the stereotype of a massive point guard with exceptional court control, Chris Paul, also known as “The Point God,” stands at 6’0″ with a US size 12.5 shoe. Widely considered one of the greatest point guards of all time, Paul’s size doesn’t hinder his phenomenal ball-handling, court vision, and leadership. He’s a 12-time NBA All-Star and an Olympic gold medalist, proving that size is just a number on the stat sheet.

Chris Paul Other Countries Sneaker Size Chart:

CountryShoe Size
United States (US)12.5
Europe (EU)46.5
United Kingdom (UK)11.5
Japan (JP)28.5
China (CN)47.5
Australia (AU)12.5

5. Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is best basketball player with tinyest shoes size

Rajon Rondo, nicknamed “Playoff Rondo” for his clutch performances in the postseason, stands at 6’1″ with a US feet size 13. Don’t underestimate Rondo’s impact on the court. He’s a master of ball-handling, using his agility and quick feet to orchestrate plays and find open teammates. He was a key contributor to the Boston Celtics’ 2008 championship run.

Rajon Rondo Other Countries Footwear Size Chart:

CountryShoe Size
United States (US)13
Europe (EU)46.5
United Kingdom (UK)12
Japan (JP)29
China (CN)47.5
Australia (AU)12.5

Remaining Top 5 Honorable Basketball Players with Minimal Shoe Size

Honorable Basketball Players With Minimal Shoe Size

The NBA also features players, who have made significant impacts with their relatively small shoe sizes. They’ve achieved notable accolades and have become fan favorites, proving that talent trumps shoe size in the league.

  • Kyle Lowry (US size 13): NBA champion with a knack for strategic plays.
  • Avery Bradley (US size 12.5): Defensive stalwart known for his perimeter defense.
  • Dennis Schroder (US size 12): Speedy guard with a talent for quick transitions.
  • Steph Curry (US size 13.5): Renowned for his three-point shooting and two MVP titles.
  • Trae Young (US size 12): A modern maestro of the deep shot and playmaking.
Dennis Schroder121115415.56
Trae Young121115515.57
Avery Bradley12.511.515.55167
Kyle Lowry131216616.58
Steph Curry13.512.516.57179

Does Shoe Size Affect Basketball Player Performance?

Shoe Size Affect Player Performance in basketball

The debate on shoe size’s impact on basketball performance is nuanced. While factors like athleticism, skill, and basketball IQ predominantly dictate performance. Shoe size can influence a player’s agility and footwork. However, it’s not the defining factor for success. Throughout the history of the NBA, We have seen basketball legends with both large and small shoe sizes leaving their mark on the game.


This exploration into the NBA’s smallest shoe sizes reveals that in basketball, as in life, size doesn’t determine success. These top 10 players, with their smaller-than-expected shoe sizes, have proven that talent, determination, and hard work can lead to greatness on the basketball court. Who is your favorite NBA player with surprisingly small feet? Share with us and join the conversation about the incredible diversity of NBA players’ sizes and skills.


What is the average shoe size for an NBA player?

The average shoe size for an NBA player typically ranges between size 13 and 17. This larger shoe size accommodates professional basketball players’ generally taller stature and larger foot structure.

Have there been any NBA players with petite shoe sizes?

Yes, several NBA players have had smaller shoe sizes compared to their peers. For instance, Muggsy Bogues wore a sneaker size 8.5 and  Earl Boykins had a footwear size of 9.5, which is considered small by the league’s standards.

Can players with smaller shoe sizes still excel in the NBA?

Absolutely. Players with Tiny shoe sizes, For instance, Chris Paul and Isiah Thomas, have demonstrated exceptional abilities and successful careers in the NBA, proving that skill and determination can outweigh physical attributes.

Are custom shoes common in the NBA due to varying shoe sizes?

Custom shoes are quite common in the NBA as they ensure the perfect fit for comfort and performance. Players often have shoes tailored to their specific foot measurements to prevent injuries and enhance gameplay.

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